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Shield the sun!

Summer Cap Sale

Shield your face from the summer sun with our ball cap sale! Discount shown on site, no coupon code needed. NOW through 30 June.

Quirky American Clothing


Hawaiian shirts, Aloha shirts, whatever you call them, they're made in Hawaii, USA and for the whole family!

Recycled Fashion

Give the kit a new life!

Every day, thousands upon thousands of pounds of unwanted clothing hit the landfill or get sold for scrap rags. Give pre-owned kit some love and a happy new home, and save some money along the way!

End Zone Wanderings

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New Bargain Basement!

New Bargain Basement!

Welcome to the Basement! Here at End Zone Kit, our whole purpose is to provide products for every pocket, purse, and piggybank. That means, yeah, we have some brand new, vintage, and collector's it...
Defining Jersey Quality: The Big Three Factors

Defining Jersey Quality: The Big Three Factors

Not all NFL jerseys are created equal! Generally, you get what you pay for, and we examine the different bits to help you figure out what is best for your budget, and your look!
The Art of the Search

The Art of the Search

How to Find Your Kit! We've recently revamped our website and have done a lot of work on our search function for our shop. We just wanted to pass along a few search tips in a longer article, so hop...

throwing it back

Vintage Kit

We're by no means a vintage shop, but we do have a few tasty bits we've found on our travels from the 1960s-2000s if you're so inclined!

What do the people say?

This store should be the benchmark for all others. From chatting to see what was possible, the massive number of items in stock, the quick delivery and a shop that is quite simply awesome.

T.C., Kent, UK

Free UK Postage

Postage is free to the UK every day, £10 for Europe and £15 for the rest of the world!

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