The Art of the Search

The Art of the Search

How to Find Your Kit!

We've recently revamped our website and have done a lot of work on our search function for our shop. We just wanted to pass along a few search tips in a longer article, so hopefully this helps you find what you always wanted!

  • Search by tag or short phrase

    Like many online shops, ours uses tags attached to items. That means that a search by a key phrase will be the most productive thing. Here are some types of search phrases that you can use:

    • Use the league name, since all items have that in the title. For example, "NHL jersey," "MLB T-shirt," "NCAA hoodie"
    • Use your team name, like "Longhorns pyjamas," "Giants jacket," "Avalanche jersey"
    • Search size types, like "Men's medium," "Youth Large," 
      "18-24 months"

  • Search with filters

We have extensive drop-down filters installed so that you can do a broader search (such as look at a whole collection of your team). Some teams aren't filled out much in our inventory, but some (such as the Denver Broncos) have hundreds of items and would be cumbersome to look through without a direction.

Simply look at the filters on each search or collection page, and choose the product type (jackets/coats, sweatshirts/hoodies, jerseys, toys/games, and so on), brand, size, price range, and for good measure on certain searches, we have the team names on a drop-down as well.

  • Try a broader search if you're coming up empty

If you're having an unsuccessful search attempt, try a broader search. If you've searched the Colts for a Manning jersey, try just searching for Manning. You may have to buy a Broncos jersey instead (ha!) but you will have better results.

  • Attempt an alternate spelling

We have a transatlantic team, so sometimes there may be inconsistencies in spelling. For example, if you're looking for a colour rush jersey, and not having any luck, try "color rush." We do try to use variations so you can find things, but even the best attempts fall through the cracks. The same goes for hat (try cap), tshirt (try t-shirt), and trousers (try pants). 

  • Reach out!

If you absolutely still find nothing in your search, shoot us an email to see if we can help. We also might have something you're looking for in our extensive pipeline of items to be listed, and we don't mind checking stock on both sides of the pond.



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