New Bargain Basement!

New Bargain Basement!

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Welcome to the Basement!

Here at End Zone Kit, our whole purpose is to provide products for every pocket, purse, and piggybank. That means, yeah, we have some brand new, vintage, and collector's items that are a bit more pricey, but we also have something for the other end of the spectrum.

Born That Way

Some items are born with a defect. Maybe a misprint, maybe a small cut, a faded portion of the printing, the decal pulling up a bit...a lot can happen during the manufacturing and shipping process! You may not want to give such items as gifts, but it might be great kit for you to kick around in. 

Been Around the Block

Just like people, clothing items and memorabilia have varied and storied lives. Some jerseys, hoodies, and other clothing items have been worn and loved, washed and dried. Some of these bits of kit have real stories to tell--they've been loved by fans, and in most cases, have been worn to games to represent their respective teams. Just because they're not perfect doesn't mean they don't have a whole lot of wear left. These pieces are great for hanging out at home, or having your kids wear when out playing in the rain and mud. You don't have to worry so much about spoiling a brand new expensive purchase.

Fits Your Budget

Not everyone has £100+ to spend on a jersey. By purchasing something from the Basement, you not only give it a new life and save it from the landfill, but you save good money that you can spend on other things (like a second item :-) or, yeah, groceries).

Double Dipping

From time to time, we'll put the Bargain Basement on clearance with an additional percentage off. Plus, we'll filter through kit we've had for a while and reprice it and move it to the Basement so it can find a home.

So have a nose around the Bargain Basement, and bring something up to wear or use!

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