Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? You're not the only one! We've compiled some of the most-asked questions right here. If you still need help, drop us a line at

Business Information

Yes! We're a small business, starting to send items in 2019 and registered with Companies House UK since 2020.

  • We have two directors, one based in Denver, Colorado, USA and one based in Southampton, UK. See more on our About Us page.
  • All items are warehoused and posted from Southampton, UK, which allows us to offer you free postage to UK addresses.
  • If you live on the south coast and would like to collect your item, let us know and we can arrange it, and also show you more stock you may be interested in, by appointment.

Your patronage allows us to keep our business afloat, and create more jobs in the future for people in the UK, so thank you!


Glad you asked! In short, our mission is:

We Passionately Provide Products for Every Pocket, Purse, and Piggybank.

  • Passionately: We do this because we love American football and want to help the sport grow overseas 
  • Provide: Through simple, safe ordering, quick delivery, and free UK postage 
  • Products: Quality new/used apparel and quirky items, always authentic and licensed 
  • Every: Range of prices from £4.99 upward 
  • PocketMen’s 
  • Purse: Women’s 
  • PiggybankChildren and babies 

Saving the earth, one t-shirt at a time!

  • We believe wholeheartedly in recycled fashion, and are doing our part to keep great pre-worn items from cluttering the landfill.
  • We use recyclable bags (some made from recycled materials themselves) for packing and posting.
  • If you'd like to chat with us in real time, you can click the chat icon on the lower right of the screen. Or, you can use the form at the bottom of the page by clicking Contact Us.
  • You can also call Simon or leave a message at 07580 776824, or send us an email.
  • Our postal address is:
    End Zone Kit, Ltd
    Unit 2, Northam Business Centre
    Southampton, SO14 5RP
    United Kingdom


UK addresses:

  • We offer FREE postage to UK addresses, and as such, normally use Royal Mail 48 services.
  • Delivery promise from Royal Mail on that is typically 2-3 days, but it's often much quicker.
  • If you need your item quicker than that, we have an express option for £7.50 available upon checkout.
  • We also have a next-day Special Delivery option for £10.00, also at checkout. 

Addresses in Europe:

  • If you're in the EU, postage is £10 for International Standard.
  • You can pay extra if you'd like to upgrade to an express option, though International Standard generally arrives in 7-10 business days.


  • Anywhere else in the world, postage is £15 for International Standard, which generally takes 5-13 business days.
  • We can upgrade this as well to something quicker for a fee if you contact us.


We reserve the right to amend these rates if your shipment is unusually large or heavy, but will contact you for payment and approval first, of course.


Despite our (and Royal Mail's) best efforts, sometimes a package doesn't turn up. Most of our items are sent on a signed-for basis, so that we know when your delivery has arrived safely. Here's what to do if your package has gone missing:

  1. If delivering your post to your home is tricky (say, you've had more than your share of items go walkabout), consider having it delivered to your office instead (or vice-versa). 
  2. You can add a note to the order at checkout to tell us any special instructions, such as a safe place to leave itS, or a neighbour who can accept a parcel.
  3. Check your delivery confirmation number that we sent you. It will say if it's been delivered or not.
  4. Talk to your family/roommates, neighbours, and your postie. Ask if they've seen the package--more often than not, we'll send it in an orange mailing bag so it stands out.
  5. Contact us if you're getting no joy. We'll check with Royal Mail from our end, but be aware that they often require 21 days' wait before they can refund the postage (and before we can, in turn, refund you).
  6. If your order is a higher value, we'll send it via a tracking service at our own expense to be absolutely sure we (and you) know where it is, every step of the way.
  7. And finally, keep in mind that during the festive period, you can double (or more) the service expectation because of sheer volume.

Rest assured that we'll work hard to make sure you're reunited with your kit!

Fortunately, this rarely happens. Most of our items are clothing, and hard to damage with secure packaging. 

If you have an item that is at all fragile or can be damaged (such as a baseball cap), we will package it in a box and/or with bubble wrap around it.

If your kit does arrive damaged:

  • Email us right away and provide a few pictures of the damage, which we'll need when filing a claim with the carrier.
  • We'll instruct you on whether to keep the item, return it, or something else.
  • After we've assessed the damage and figured out a claim with the carrier, if applicable, we'll notify you if we're able to partially or fully refund the item.

We can proudly say that with over 3000 items sold and posted, we have yet to have one that was damaged in transit!

Unfortunately, this happens from time to time, even with the best quality control, so here's what to do:

  • First, check the order confirmation slip that's in the package. It should have a picture of your item on it.
  • If you've received the wrong confirmation slip (i.e. not your order), email us right away so we can rectify the error and chase down your item.
  • If you've got the right confirmation slip but the wrong item, again, let us know so we can instruct you whether to return the item or keep it and wait for the right item.

Good communication from both sides goes a long way, and we'll strive to earn your satisfaction and repeat business.


You can check our full refund policy from our menu at the bottom of the page, but here's a quick review.

  • We guarantee your satisfaction! You can return an item for any reason at all, within the following guidelines.
  • If we've grossly misrepresented the item (such as, not as listed because of defects or flaws not pictured or described), we will of course offer you a full refund and we'll pay for the return postage. Simply email us with the details and photos if necessary, and we'll give you instructions on what to do next.
  • If you are returning a bit of kit because you just don't like it, or it doesn't fit, or your dog won't wear it, we will still give you a full refund EXCEPT you'll have to pay postage on the way back. We provide multiple photos and a detailed description including measurements for clothing garments, so we consider these reasons out of our control. We don't intend to make you live with something that doesn't fit or you don't like, but we also can't pay postage both ways either. We're a small business and every penny counts since we don't have a huge profit margin. Please measure a similar garment that fits well and compare to our measurements--sizing issues are the most common reason for returns.


It's important to order the right size, because we can't pay return postage on items returned that don't fit. Here's our best advice:

  • Measure a similarly-styled garment by laying it on a flat surface and measuring the chest from armpit to armpit.
  • Double that, and you'll have the chest measurement.
  • Most if not all of our items have a chest measurement for you to compare.
  • This is the best method, better than any size that the item may have marked on them.
  • Sizes vary between manufacturers, and even between styles by the same brand.
  • You may want a jersey to fit differently to a t-shirt or jumper, so measuring the same type of garment that fits you well is important.
  • All our measurements on our site are in inches since we sell primarily American products.

We have a fantastic blog article about sizing differences between US and UK sizes. We'd suggest you check it out, along with our Sizing Guidelines page which has a link to a site with size charts for different brands.